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This article is about the Deku Tree itself. For the eponymous Dungeon in Ocarina of Time, see Inside the Deku Tree.
Great Deku Tree
TWW Great Deku Tree.png
Great Deku Tree artwork from The Wind Waker
TitleForest Guardian
Father of the Kokiri[1]
AttributesGuardian of Kokiri Forest
Creator of the Kokiri
Game(s)Ocarina of Time
The Wind Waker
Non-canon AppearancesOcarina of Time manga
Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland
Nintendo Land
Hyrule Warriors

The Great Deku Tree is the fatherly guardian of the forest who safeguards not only the dense land around him, but the small population of beings that live in his shadow. In Ocarina of Time, the famed Kokiri praise and worship the massive tree, sharing a home in the Kokiri Forest, while in The Wind Waker, these beings are none other than the Koroks, timid wood creatures who live collaboratively with the talking tree in the arboretum that is the Forest Haven.


Ocarina of Time

The Deku Tree made his first appearance in Ocarina of Time as the guardian of the Kokiri and of their forest.[2] He protects the Kokiri's Emerald, one of the three Spiritual Stones.

At the beginning of the game, the Deku Tree sends Navi the Fairy to summon Link to him, explaining to the young boy that he has been cursed by Ganondorf.[3] Link is asked to journey Inside the Deku Tree, the first dungeon of the game, and destroy the root of the curse, the parasite known as Queen Gohma. Afterwards, the Great Deku Tree goes into detail about Ganondorf's motives, the Golden Goddesses, and the Triforce they created. The Deku Tree withers and dies soon after due to the effects of the curse. Before passing on, he tasks Link with saving all of Hyrule from Ganondorf, directing him to meet Princess Zelda at Hyrule Castle outside the forest, and entrusting him with the Kokiri's Emerald.[4]

When Link returns to Kokiri Forest seven years later as an adult, he finds that it has been overrun by monsters due to the Deku Tree's absence. After clearing the Forest Temple and awakening Saria as a Sage, the Deku Tree Sprout takes root in the ground before his predecessor, and the monsters plaguing the forest subsequently vanish.

Deku Tree Sprout


The Deku Tree Sprout is the successor to the Great Deku Tree as the protector of the Kokiri Forest. He appears in Ocarina of Time after Link has defeated Phantom Ganon and received the Forest Medallion from Saria. He tells Link the story about his past and how his mother came into the forest and delivered Link into the Deku Tree's care, therefore making him Hylian.[5] He then urges him to complete his quest and defeat Ganondorf.[6]

The Wind Waker

The Great Deku Tree acts as the guardian of the Forest Haven, which is home of the Koroks. To them, the Great Deku Tree is considered a father figure to the children of the forest, for it is him that protects them from evil. One thing that set the Deku Tree of the Great Sea apart from his predecessor was that each year, the Great Deku Tree would send off some of the Koroks to plant trees all throughout the islands. This was done in the hope that, as the forests spread and the trees grew, they would consolidate the remaining land above the Great Sea, and allow some of the land lost during the Great Flood to be reclaimed from the depths.[7] It also rejuvenates his power, for if his power were to wane, the life of the Koroks would fade as well.[8]

When Link first meets the Great Deku Tree, hordes of ChuChus are invading his face. After the young hero eliminates all of them, the Great Deku Tree mistakes him for the legendary Hero of Time due to his clothes, and begins to speak the ancient Hylian language.[9] The Great Deku Tree realizes his error, and it is then that he realizes why Link is there: to receive Farore's Pearl from him. Just as the guardian of the forest is about to begin the annual Korok ceremony in order to give the pearl to Link,[10] Linder informs the Great Deku Tree of Makar's accident, and the ceremony is called off. After Link rescues Makar from the depths of the Forbidden Woods with the help of the Deku Leaf given to him by the Great Deku Tree himself, the ceremony begins, and in return, the Great Deku Tree hands over Farore's Pearl, as promised.[11]

Hyrule Historia explicitly states that this Deku Tree descended from his Ocarina of Time counterpart.[12] This, coupled with him recognizing Link's green clothes, implies that he is the matured Deku Tree Sprout, or else his descendant.

Great Deku Tree (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
GDT Figurine.png
Birthplace: The Forest Haven.
The Deku Tree is both an earth spirit and the guardian of the forest. He has lived for many long years, so his wisdom is vast.
However, since his roots run deep into the earth, he cannot move. As a result, he is often afflicted by parasitic enemies...

Other Appearances

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Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

The story of the Great Deku Tree in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland is somewhat similar to that of the one from Ocarina of Time. Due to pollution, the Deku Tree Sprout is dying; while at the same time, the Great Deku Tree is also nearing his end. When Tingle met them, the Great Deku Tree asked if he would enter him and retrieve forest water, which could cure the Deku Tree Sprout. Tingle accepted and entered the Deku Temple. After defeating Bana Bana, Tingle obtained the water and rushed back to cure the Deku Tree Sprout. After that, the Great Deku Tree died happily, but not before paying Tingle for his service.

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Ocarina of Time Manga

In the Ocarina of Time manga, the Deku Tree appears alongside his evil counterpart, the Baga Tree, who lives in the Lost Woods. Humorously, there is a Gossip Stone in the manga that says the Deku Tree is troubled because he cannot scratch his own back.[13]

Nintendo Land

The Great Deku Tree appears in Nintendo Land for the Wii U, in The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest. Its appearance in this game is substantially different, as beyond being artificial like everything else in the game, it has a magenta color scheme. The Great Deku Tree does not speak in this appearance, having no role beyond that of scenery. It is also one of the 200 prizes that can be won using the coins at the game on the top of the central tower located in the middle of the plaza. Upon touching the prize in the plaza using the touch screen or simply jumping into it, Monita will make the following comment:

Lana and the Great Deku Tree

Hyrule Warriors

In Hyrule Warriors, when using the Spear weapon, Lana is capable of having it transform into various different forest themed weapons, while also granting her the ability to summon the Great Deku Tree and the Deku Tree Sprout to assist her in battle. The Deku sprout appears in many of Lana's strong attacks, either bouncing around, zig-zaging through enemies, or dashing straight through them. Lana is also capable of summoning three at a time with her sixth strong attack in her standard attack string. Her Focus Spirit Special allows her to summon a Deku Sprout and ride it, and as it rushes forward, she thrusts it forward. The Great Deku Tree appears during her standard special attack, as well as her Spear move sets stage completion animation.

The Great Deku Tree also appears in the Faron Woods stage.



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan デクの樹 (Deku no Ki) Deku Tree
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Arbol Deku Deku Tree
Spanish Latin America Gran Árbol Deku (OoT3D)
French French-speaking countries Vénérable Arbre Mojo Venerable Mojo Tree
German Germany Deku-Baum Deku Tree
Italian Italy Albero Deku
Sua Aborescenza
Deku Tree
His Tree-ish-ness
Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau (Traditional Chinese) 德庫樹長老 (Dékùshù zhǎnglǎo) Elder Deku Tree
Mainland China (Simplified Chinese) 德库树长老 (Dékùshù zhǎnglǎo) Elder Deku Tree