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Granny as seen in Majora's Mask
Race Hylian
Gender Female
First appearance Ocarina of Time
Latest appearance Majora's Mask
Era Era of the Hero of Time
Family Ocarina of Time:
Carpenters' Boss (son)
Cucco Lady (granddaughter)
Young Punk Guy (grandson)
Majora's Mask:
Gampy (deceased husband)
Tortus (deceased son)
Anju (granddaughter)
Anju's Mother (daughter in law)

Granny[1] is an old woman who runs the Potion Shop in Kakariko Village in Ocarina of Time. Granny's Terminan counterpart in Majora's Mask is Anju's Grandmother.



Ocarina of Time

Granny and her pet tiger

In Ocarina of Time, Granny's Potion Shop is located in the back of the Kakariko Village. Although it is never directly stated, Granny is either the mother or wife of the Carpenters' Boss.[2] This would make her either the grandmother or mother of the Cucco Lady and the young punk guy.

As a child, Granny's Potion Shop is only accessible by flying into its yard with a Cucco. The shop, however, is closed and a message is on the door letting passers-by know that Granny is out in the field collecting herbs for her potions.[1] Seven years in the future, Link is able to gain access to her shop (either using the Hookshot from the windmill, or the back door of the Medicine Shop).

After Link delivers Cojiro to the guy in the Lost Woods he asks the young hero to deliver an Odd Mushroom to Granny.[3] Upon showing the Odd Mushroom to the Potion Shop Lady, she calls him a "bum" for going into the forest, and asks Link that if he sees "that fool", to give him the Odd Potion.[4] However, she says, the potion will not work on a monster, possibly hinting at her grandson's fate as a Stalfos.

The Lake Scientist, who lives in the Lakeside Laboratory, mentions a mutual friendship with Granny, saying that she is like a student of him.[5]

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, Anju's Grandmother is Granny's Terminan counterpart. Anju's Grandmother lives in the lower bedroom of the Stock Pot Inn in Clock Town. While confined to her wheelchair, she serves as a storyteller. Unfortunately, her stories are unbearably long and the listener will often fall asleep in the middle of them. She also appears to be losing her memory, as she often refers to her granddaughter Anju and Link by the name of Tortus, her deceased son and Anju's father.[6] Her diary seems to indicate, however, that she feigns senility to get out of eating Anju's poorly cooked meals. She writes about a plan to get by without eating,[7] and can be seen enacting that plan when Anju brings her lunch on the first day.[8]

She will not read stories on the Final Day. On the Night of the Final Day, she flees to Romani Ranch with Anju and her daughter-in-law.

Anju's Grandmother

The Bombers' Notebook

Anju's Grandmother is one of twenty characters in Majora's Mask who has an entry in the Bombers' Notebook. Anju's Grandmother's entry can be completed at anytime between 8am and 6pm on the first or second day.

In order to complete the entry, all that is required is to stay awake during each of her two stories and answer a question at the end. The reward is one Piece of Heart for each story. However, in order to stay awake during the two stories, Link will need to wear the All-Night Mask while listening to the tales.

The Stories

The first story, about the "Carnival of Time", is the shorter of the two and takes two hours to tell. At the end, Anju's Grandmother will ask when the Clock Tower opens. Link must answer "On the eve of the carnival" to receive a Piece of Heart.

The second story, about the "Four Giants", will take all of the time between when the story begins and the next morning. Thus, if the story begins at 6 am, it will not end until 6 am the next day. After listening to the story with the All-Night Mask, Anju's Grandmother will ask what the people do to call the Four Giants. Link must answer "I dunno" to receive another Piece of Heart.

Majora's Mask Manga

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In the Majora's Mask manga, Anju's Grandmother is depicted much the same as she is in the game, with yet another hint that she may be faking her senility. This is ignored by Anju's Mother, who swiftly forces her out the door as they make their way to Romani Ranch.


Tiger image behind the wheelchair
  • An image of a tiger can be seen on the backside of the wheelchair of Anju's Grandmother, possibly a reference to the pet tiger belonging to her Ocarina of Time counterpart.
  • Speaking to Anju's Grandmother with Kafei's Mask on would result in her saying "Oh, Dotour... If they pick on you, you come tell teacher, OK?" This may imply that she was a schoolteacher when Mayor Dotour was in school. Every other mask results in her normal response.


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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Abuela de Anju Anju's Grandmother
French French-speaking countries Grand-mère d'Anju Same as above
German Germany Anjus Großmutter Same as above