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Goron Traveler.png
Title(s) Traveling Archaeologist
Race Goron
Gender Male
Game(s) Skyward Sword
Era The Sky Era

Gorko is a character appearing in Skyward Sword. He is a traveling archaeologist Goron, who traverses the surface studying the history of the land and various devices, attempting to discern the history behind the ancient civilization. He is especially interested in the myth of the "Isle of the Goddess", which is actually supposed to be Skyloft, and of related artifacts. Link encounters him several times during his quest.


He is first encountered in the Sealed Grounds, where he is being pestered by a small group of Bokoblins. After Link saves him, Gorko explains to Link about the Bird Statues and their supposed origins, and is surprised when one suddenly activates when the young hero walks up to it. Link later meets Gorko again within the Deep Woods where Gorko shares some of his knowledge of the Goddess Cubes, and recites some ancient text that has directions on how to activate them. He is again surprised when Link manages to activate the cube using his Skyward Strike.

Gorko can later be found outside the blocked entrance to the Temple of Time of Lanayru Desert, hoping to find a way inside to inspect the sacred temple. Noting to Link that a human that looked just like the young hero ventured inside the temple, he eventually leaves, only to return after hearing an explosion caused by Ghirahim and promptly resumes his exploration. He then shortly relocates to the area between the Sealed Grounds and Faron Woods, where he shares Link some knowledge on the Blessed Butterflies as well as on the Gossip Stones and Goddess Walls.

He is again encountered much later near the entrance of the Fire Sanctuary of the Eldin Volcano Summit, suspecting the area to have a lot of Goddess Cubes nearby. He is however unable to continue as the path is being blocked by pillars of fire, which Link extinguishes with some water. After unblocking the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary, Gorko courteously lets Link enter the dungeon first and waits outside.

Like most Gorons, Gorko has the Goron Emblem tattooed on his arms.


  • Gorko's name may be a portmanteau of Goron and Marco, as a reference to Marco Polo, a famous explorer.


Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan マルゴ (Marugo)
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Marcogoro Pun on Marco Polo, a renowned traveler
French France Marpo
Canada Marcogoro Same as Spanish name
German Germany Marugo
Italian Italy Pigoron