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TitleMasked Mechanical Monster
Game(s)Majora's Mask
Dungeon(s)Snowhead Temple
Weakness(es)Goron Link Spikes, Arrows, Explosives
Reward(s)Goht's Remains, Heart Container

Masked Mechanical Monster: Goht is the second boss in Majora's Mask, located in the Snowhead Temple.[1] It is a giant mechanical creature that bears resemblence to a goat or bull, hence its name. At the beginning of the boss battle, it is frozen in a giant block of ice. It is Goht's curse that is causing the abnormally long and cold winter at Snowhead, which in turn threatens the lives of the native Gorons living there.[2] Goht must be defeated in order for Spring to come to Snowhead.


Goht is revealed.

Link faces Goht in a ring-shaped room. To begin the fight, Link must use a Fire Arrow to melt the ice block imprisoning Goht. The monster will then thaw, come to life, break out of the rocks surrounding it, and start charging around the course in an attempt to trample Link.

To defeat Goht, Link must use the Goron Mask to chase the beast down by rolling after it.[3] There are many Magic Jars around the room to replenish Link's Magic Meter, depleted by the rolling. Goht can be harmed by being rolled into with Goron Link's spikes. To prevent this attack, Goht will launch a homing lightning bolt. This attack streaks forward and then doubles back to strike Link. It is possible to dodge this attack by moving to the side quickly as it approaches. Only one will ever be launched at one time, meaning Link can attack Goht this way in rapid succession and not be bombarded. If Link hits Goht with the spikes in midair (from launching off one of the ramps on the course), Goht will be temporarily knocked down, leaving him open to attacks. This can also be accomplished by using Bombs, Bombchus, and the Blast Mask. However, the timing required makes this method impratical.

Goht will become gradually harder to follow as the battle goes on. It will begin to kick up rocks, which will damage Link and stop him from rolling. This makes following right behind Goht undesirable. After taking more damage, stalactites will also begin to fall from the ceiling. These only damage Link if they fall directly on him, which is unlikely, but he will stop dead if he hits them while rolling. Near the end of the fight, Goht will begin dropping bombs in addition to the rocks and stalactites. These both damage Link, and, as usual, stop him from rolling. It is possible to approximate Goht's damage level by looking at how much black smoke is coming out of it.

Goht in charging forward

It is also possible for Link to defeat Goht with the Bow, by safely firing Arrows while standing in the entrance where Goht cannot attack him. Although this method is somewhat safer, it will also take Link longer to defeat Goht. Like all bosses in Majora's Mask, Goht is vulnerable to the Fierce Deity's Energy Beam. However, it is quite difficult to inflict a substantial amount of damage with this attack at any one time when Goht is in motion.

If Link falls too far behind (unless he is standing in the entrance), Goht will stop and wait. When Link enters Goht's field of view, the boss will fire a lightning bolt at Link. This can be easily dodged by swerving side to side. Goht will continue the assault until Link reaches it, at which point it will resume its stampede. If Link falls behind for too long, the boss will run back toward him. If Goht reaches him, it will throw him over itself with its horns and continue onward.

Once Goht receives sufficient damage from Link, it will malfunction and careen around the room, then crash headlong into a wall, causing a large number of boulders to fall on top of it. Once Goht is defeated, the second of the Four Giants, who was imprisoned within Goht's body, will be freed.[4] The icy blizzard coming from the Snowhead Temple will be sealed off,[5] and the Snowhead area will start to thaw, thus marking the arrival Spring in the area.[6][7] For defeating Goht, Link will receive a Heart Container as well as Goht's Remains.


  • "Goht" is a homophone with "goat". Goht's appearance is also similar to that of a goat.
  • It is possible to change into another form immediately after shooting a fire arrow to unfreeze Goht. The player must simply press the button to which the mask is equipped quickly after firing. The cutscene then plays out with Link in the other form, and he even makes the correct sound for the form. This is really only useful for cosmetic effect, but it can allow the player an extra second that would have been spent transforming, a fact that may be useful in speedruns.
  • Goht can be hurt outside his Critical Point.
  • The Majora's Mask Prima Guide repeatedly misspells "Goht" as "Ghot".


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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan 仮面機械獣ゴート (Kamen Kikai Jū Gōto) Masked Machine Beast: Goht
Spanish Spain Monstruo Mecánico Enmascarado: Goht Masked Mechanical Monster: Goht
French French-speaking countries Masque de la Chimère Mécanique: Rhork Masked Mechanical Chimera: Rhork
German Germany Stählerner Alptraum:Goht Steel Nightmare: Goht

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