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The Gerudo symbol is an emblem which first appears in Ocarina of Time, and has been a recurring element in many other games in the Zelda series. It is frequently seen in connection with the Gerudo tribe. Whether the items with symbols belonged to the forces of evil or not, it is a cameo through the Zelda games. In the original Nintendo 64 version of Ocarina of Time, the symbol had a drastically different design. It was used as a marking on various puzzle objects, the Mirror Shield, and it represents the Gerudo. It appeared almost identical to a horizontally mirrored version of the symbol commonly used to represent the Islam faith, but was replaced with the new Gerudo Symbol from Majora's Mask in the GameCube and Virtual Console versions, as it violated Nintendo's own policy to avoid religious material in their games.[1]


Ocarina of Time

The Mirror Shield
Old Gerudo Symbol.png
The original emblem

The symbol appears most frequently in Ocarina of Time. It appears on the Mirror Shield, as well as on all of the game's floor-switches and blocks. It also features on the Gerudo flag.

In the original release, the symbol was a crescent moon and a star, however in all subsequent releases, including the Master Quest disc, the original crescent moon symbol has been replaced with an original symbol.

Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, the Gerudo Symbol first appears within the Pirates' Fortress. After Link has forced Aveil to flee her chamber, a framed picture can be found within the chamber displaying the symbol.

Oracle Series

Both Veran from Oracle of Ages and Onox from Oracle of Seasons display the symbol on their armor. Onox has the symbol emblazoned across his chest plate, whereas Veran displays the symbol wrapped around both of her shoulder pads. The most likely reason for this is because the two Gerudo witches, Kotake and Koume, summoned Onox and Veran.

The Wind Waker

The Nabooru window

In The Wind Waker, the symbol can be found within the Master Sword chamber in Hyrule Castle, beneath the Great Sea. The chamber has seven magnificent stained glass windows, each representing one of the Seven Sages. A slightly modified version of the Gerudo Symbol appears within the window representing Nabooru. The Gerudo symbol also appears on blades of the swords used by Ganondorf and on his clothes.

Twilight Princess

The symbol shown upon Zant's tabard
In Twilight Princess, a slightly altered and simplified version of the symbol can be seen on Ganondorf's cloak. Another possible appearance of the symbol in this game is the stylized symbol featured on the red tabard section of Zant's outfit, although it is possible that this symbol may simply be a reference to the shape of his mask. The symbol on Telma's apron may also be a modified Gerudo Symbol.