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Flute ALttP Artwork.png
The Flute from A Link to the Past
Game(s) The Adventure of Link
A Link to the Past
Other media The Legend of Zelda comic
Use(s) Defeating the River Devil
Comparable Item(s) Recorder
Strange Flute
Spirit Flute
Link utilizes a Flute in several The Legend of Zelda games for various purposes.



The Legend of Zelda

Main article: Recorder

In The Legend of Zelda, the Recorder is hidden in the depths of the Lizard dungeon in the First Quest, and earlier in the Moon dungeon in the Second Quest. It allows Link to warp to any dungeon he has cleared, to dry up a body of water, and to split Digdogger into three smaller versions. The short sound that the flute makes when played is used in Super Mario Bros. 3 from a flute that allows the player to teleport to other worlds with a tornado. The tune was also used in composing the title song of Ocarina of Time.

The Adventure of Link

Flute AoL.gif

A flute is acquired in The Adventure of Link.[1][2] Gained in the game's fifth palace, the Palace on the Sea, the flute allows Link to pass by what the villagers in Nabooru Town call the River Devil. Once the flute is played, this troublesome roadblock disappears. Later in the game the instrument is used to make the sixth palace appear when played in the middle of Three-Eye Rock.[3]

A Link to the Past


The flute, also known as Ocarina, makes another appearance in A Link to the Past. It once belonged to a young boy who set out in search of the Golden Power and never returned. When Link talks to the boy in the Dark World, he gives the young hero a shovel and asks him to find his flute. Link finds this instrument buried in the Haunted Grove in the Light World and plays the flute one last time for the boy, who is soothed by the music and is then permanently turned into a tree.

When Link brings the Flute to the Flute Boy's father, the man understands what has happened to his son and asks Link to keep it. He then tells Link to play the Flute in front of the Weathercock in the center of Kakariko Village. Soon after Link complies with his request, the Flute Boy's pet bird breaks out of the Weathercock and flies off. Whenever Link plays the Flute in the Light World overworld from that point forward, the pet duck can transport him to one of 8 locations. The Flute is necessary in reaching the sixth Dark World dungeon, the Misery Mire.

Using the flute, Link can warp to the following locations:

  1. Death Mountain
  2. In front of the Witch's Hut
  3. Kakariko Village
  4. Link's House
  5. South of the Eastern Palace
  6. Desert of Mystery
  7. Great Swamp
  8. Lake Hylia
  9. On the eastern side of Death Mountain, on top of the rock that mirrors Turtle Rock (only in the Game Boy Advance version)

Oracle series

Ricky's Flute
Main article: Strange Flute

In Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, Link acquires one of three different flutes:

They can be used to call its respective animal from most places in the overworld.

Other Appearances

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The Legend of Zelda comic

The Magic Flute from the comic

The Flute from The Adventure of Link, known as the Magic Flute, is featured in the "Missing in Action" story from the Legend of Zelda comic. When Princess Zelda takes the Triforce of Wisdom to leave Hyrule forever,[4] she reveals to Link that she is planning to use the magic flute found within the Fifth Palace[5] on the Island of Hyron.[6] Doing so, she explains, will warp her to a distant place and thus permanently impede Ganon from ever obtaining the Triforce of Wisdom.[4] Link reluctantly helps her reach the Palace on the Sea, and after the pair defeat a Blue Iron Knuckle, the knight shows Link the way to obtain the Magic Flute.[7] However, when he sees it, he is tempted to destroy it and lie to Zelda,[8] which would force her to stay forever.[9] Link makes the decision to give the flute to Zelda, but as he says his goodbyes,[10] Zelda confesses to him that wherever he is, is the safest place to be.[11]


  • In Link's Awakening, the Grim Creeper, mini-boss of the Eagle's Tower, uses a flute to call six Big Keese to aid him.
  • The flute in A Link to the Past bears a striking resemblance to the Ocarina of Time. While it is not entirely certain, it is possible this flute, also containing mysterious powers, could in fact be the Ocarina of Time seeing as A Link to the Past takes place after Ocarina of Time.
  • In The Minish Cap, the Ocarina of Wind is similar to the flute in A Link to the Past, and would also summon a bird, Zeffa, to take Link to any one of the 8 Wind Crests scattered across the overworld.
    • It is also conceivable that the flute in A Link to the Past is, in fact, the Ocarina of Wind, in which case, the bird summoned by the flute could be connected to or descended from Zeffa.
  • Oddly enough, while the bird will not appear upon playing the flute in the Dark World for obvious reasons, somehow it appears like normal when Link plays it after defeating Agahnim on the top of Ganon's Tower. This was done so that Link could appropriately chase Ganon, who arose from Agahnim's body, back to the Pyramid of Power. While there is no clear answer of how it could've gotten to the Dark World, it can just be assumed that this was done for the sake of the cutscene.


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