Farore (Oracle)

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Title(s) Oracle of Secrets
Race Oracle
Game(s) Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages
The Minish Cap
Era Force Era
Era of Light and Dark
Family Nayru and Din (sisters)
Book of Mudora.png
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The human Farore is best known as the Oracle of Secrets. Due to their identical names, similar personalities, and symbolism, it has been theorized that she is an incarnation of the goddess Farore. She is the third Oracle alongside Din and Nayru.


Oracle series

Farore OOX.png

Farore appears in both Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, where she reveals the secrets obtained as a result of linking the Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons games.[1] She is hidden in the Hall of Secrets,[2] only seen as a small sprite with limited animation. Farore carries a book titled "Farore's Memory". After completing a game, or starting a password-linked game, the book appears to the left of Farore. It contains any linking passwords found so far. As Din is a dancer with the Rod of Seasons, and Nayru is a singer with the Harp of Ages, Farore may be, or would have been, a Tutor or Writer with the "Farore's Memory" book.

The Minish Cap


Farore appears again in The Minish Cap, where it is mentioned that she is a helpful person looking for a house. She is one of the three sisters in the Happy Hearth Inn (along with Nayru and Din). In exchange for help finding a house, she will offer Link Charms which can be stored in Empty Bottles. Farore's Charm does not turn Link's tunic green (because it already is) but instead turns it light purple. This may also be because her charm is a combination of Din's and Nayru's, which turn his tunic red and blue respectively. All four colors resemble the Four Swords Links' Tunics. Her Charm increases both attack and defense, but the offensive boost from Din's Charm is stronger, and the defensive boost from Nayru's charm is more potent.

Farore (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
Farore Figurine.gif
She's looking for a house in Hyrule to move into. She's a very helpful person, but people take advantage of her kind nature. This really bothers her.


  • There was planned to be a third Oracle series game, The Legend of Zelda: Mystical Seed of Courage, which would presumably have had Farore star equally as Nayru and Din do in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. However, Capcom ultimately decided that it would be too complex to link three different games, so they abandoned the third game and integrated Farore into the two remaining Oracle games as the "Oracle of Secrets".
  • Her figurine description in The Minish Cap could be a reference to how what was expected to be her game, Mystical Seed of Courage, was removed from what would have been the Oracle trilogy. The fact that Link can only find houses for two of the Oracles may be a reference to this as well.
  • The concept art for Farore shown in Hyrule Historia seems to indicate that she was originally planned to be a singer, a role assumed by Nayru in Oracle of Ages.



  1. "At times and places, you will hear powerful secrets. At those times, come see me. I can give shape and form to your secrets!" — Farore (Oracle series)
  2. "This is the Hall of Secrets, where your secrets take form." — Farore (Oracle series)
Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan フロル (Furoru)
French French-speaking countries Farore, Oracle des Secrets
German Germany Farore, Orakel der Geheimnisse
Italian Italy Farore, Oracolo dei Segreti Farore, Oracle of Secrets