Fairy Ocarina

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Fairy Ocarina
Artwork of the Fairy Ocarina
Game(s) Ocarina of Time

The Fairy Ocarina is an item featured in Ocarina of Time.


Location and Uses

Fairy Ocarina
Obtaining the Fairy Ocarina in Ocarina of Time 3D

The instrument is given to Link by Saria when he first leaves the Kokiri Forest.[1] Link uses this item, as well as the Ocarina of Time later on, to solve various puzzles and get past obstacles in the game (see Ocarina in general) with the usage of music. The Fairy Ocarina is only used for the duration of the initial Young Link stage of the game and is successively replaced by the aforementioned Ocarina of Time when Princess Zelda is seen fleeing Hyrule Castle with Impa (after Link collects the three Spiritual Stones).

In pre-release screenshots of Ocarina of Time, Link can be seen using the Fairy Ocarina as an adult. The Fairy Ocarina can also be seen in early screenshots of Majora's Mask.

Ocarina of Time manga

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In the manga, after the attack on Hyrule Castle, Link loses the Fairy Ocarina and Ganondorf takes it, mistaking it for the Ocarina of Time. After realizing his mistake later, he crushes it in his hand.



  1. "Oh, you're leaving... I always knew that one day, this day would come. I've always known we're so different, and I'm not sad, because you have a lot ahead of you. I want you to take this. Don't forget me." — Saria (Ocarina of Time)

Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan 妖精のオカリナ Fairy Ocarina
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Ocarina de las Hadas
Spanish Latin America Ocarina de las Hadas (OoT3D)
French French-speaking countries Ocarina des Fées Fairies' ocarina
German Germany Feen-Okarina Fairy Ocarina
Italian Italy Ocarina fatata
Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau (Traditional Chinese) 妖精之笛 (Yāojīng zhi Dí) Fairy Ocarina
Mainland China (Simplified Chinese) 精灵之笛 (Jīnglíng zhi Dí) Fairy Ocarina