Dragon Roost Island

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Dragon Roost Island
Game(s) The Wind Waker
Other media Hyrule Warriors Legends
Inhabitant(s) See here for the complete list
Item(s) Wind Waker
Delivery Bag
Father's Letter
Baito's Letter
"Wind's Requiem"
Related place(s) Great Sea Islands
Dragon Roost Cavern
Theme Music File:TWW Dragon Roost Island.ogg

Dragon Roost Island is in the northeast of the Great Sea in The Wind Waker, and is home to the Rito tribe and the Spirit of the Sky, Valoo. The game's second dungeon, Dragon Roost Cavern, is also situated on this island. After successfully completing it, Link will receive the first of the three Pearls, Din's Pearl.

Entrance to the Island

The island can be seen from a great distance, as it consists mainly of a huge mountain which, according to some theories, is Death Mountain. There are many explosive fruits scattered across the island, and many Kargarocs have made it their home. The planted bombs are necessary to blow up some rocks that prevent people from accessing to the inner area of the island. With the obstacles beaten, it's matter of walking through a wooden passage that leads to the shrine of the Rito tribe.


Wind Shrine

The Wind Shrine

Dragon Roost Island is home to the Wind Shrine, which can be found on the eastern side of the island. This shrine has two stones which honor the two Wind Gods, Cyclos and Zephos. Cyclos's stone is broken, but the stone honoring Zephos is intact. Link must use the Wind Waker while facing the monument to learn "Wind's Requiem", a song that allows control over the direction of the wind. This song is needed to reach the Forest Haven after receiving Din's Pearl.

Dragon Roost Pond

This pond is located in between the Rito Hall and Dragon Roost Cavern. When Link first encounters it, it has completely dried up. Link must first help Medli fly across the pond, at which point she will give him an Empty Bottle. Using the bottle, the young hero must bring water up to the dried up bomb plants and water them. Now the plants can be picked up and detonated. Link must throw the bomb plants near the giant boulder in the middle of the lakebed and blow it up. At this point, water will flow out of the spring that was beneath the boulder and fill the lakebed. Then, Link can swim to the other side and proceed to the lava pit. Using more bomb plants, he should throw them on the statues so that they fall and make a route across, allowing entrance to the Dragon Roost Cavern.

Dragon Roost Cavern

Main article: Dragon Roost Cavern

Secret Treasures

Around Dragon Roost Island there are three secret Treasure Chests to be discovered. The first is in a Secret Cave blocked by a boulder near the Wind Shrine. Defeating all the enemies in the cave unlocks a door that leads to a chest containing a purple Rupee. The second is a cave behind the foot of the island that can be accessed by hovering across the steep rock formations with the help of the Deku Leaf. Link must be careful when dealing with Kargarocs while hovering to the cave. Inside is a single treasure chest containing an orange Rupee. The final treasure chest is found at the southwestern end of the island, atop a boulder high up against the wall of Dragon Roost. Growing near the boulder are several Bomb Flowers. Exploding one of the Bomb Flowers by piercing it with an Arrow or using a Hyoi Pear to bring a Seagull up to touch it engages a chain reaction; when the Bomb Flower nearest the boulder explodes, the boulder will crumble and the treasure chest on top of it will fall to the ground. Inside this chest is a silver Rupee.


Non-Canon Appearances

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Hyrule Warriors Legends

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In Hyrule Warriors Legends, Dragon Roost Island appears conjoined with Windfall Island and the Forsaken Fortress as a stage. The stage it self named soly for the Fortress, while Windfall Island and Dragon Roost Island are the names of the primary keeps in their respective sections of the stage.

The Wind Shrine appears as a background element in the Dragon Roost section of the stage.


The Triforce symbol appears when the six most plot-significant islands are connected
  • When connected by lines, Dragon Roost Island, Forest Haven, and Greatfish Isle form a large triangle; the three Triangle Isles, when connected by lines, creates a smaller triangle attached to the larger one - the entire image created is that of the Triforce, and the Tower of the Gods exists at the dead center of the symbol.
  • In the version of the Dragon Roost theme music found in The Wind Waker official soundtrack and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a plucked bassline was added to the track. It is the only track on the soundtrack that is not a fully accurate representation of the in-game music.


Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan 竜の島 (Ryuu no Shima) Dragon Island
Spanish Spain Isla del Dragón Dragon Island
French French-speaking countries Ile du Dragon Dragon Island
German Germany Drakonia
Italian Italy Isola del Drago Dragon Island


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