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MM Dexihand.png
Habitat(s)Great Bay Temple
Beneath the Well
Stone Tower Temple
Effective WeaponsZora Link's Boomerangs
Zora Link's Shield
Fire Arrows

Dexihands are arm-like enemies in Majora's Mask.


Dexihands are turquoise arms with yellow finger tips, slightly similar to the hands of Dead Hand. If Link gets too close to one, it will attempt to grab his body, then fling him around for a few seconds before tossing him away. Dexihands can be killed by Zora Link's boomerang fins or electrical shield. They often guard treasure or something needed to progress in the game. While a normal Dexihand will always toss Link in the same direction he approached it from, specific ones will throw him away from what they're guarding.


  • In The Wind Waker, there is a similar enemy called the Dexivine. This enemy drains Magic Power from Link when he gets within reach of the claw-like vine.
  • The Dexihands which appear Beneath the Well are living on the surface of a puddle. These are much more similar to the Floormasters found in The Wind Waker, because of the way they are positioned.


Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan デキシーハンド Dexi Hand
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Dexihand
French French-speaking countries Main-Blanche White Hand
French Canada Main-blanche (MM3D) White hand
German Germany Dexihand


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