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Death Mountain
Death Mountain OoT3D.jpg
Death Mountain in Ocarina of Time 3D
Game(s) The Legend of Zelda
The Adventure of Link
A Link to the Past
Ocarina of Time
Four Swords
Four Swords Adventures
Twilight Princess
A Link Between Worlds
Other media Ancient Stone Tablets
Link's Crossbow Training
A Link to the Past comic
Ocarina of Time manga
Item(s) The Legend of Zelda (Second Quest):
Heart Container
The Adventure of Link:
Magic Container
A Link to the Past:
Pieces of Heart ×4
Magic Mirror
Cane of Byrna
Ether Medallion
Ocarina of Time:
Piece of Heart, Magic Meter
Biggoron's Sword
Gold Skulltula ×4
Twilight Princess:
Piece of Heart
Poe Soul
Related place(s) Ocarina of Time:
Death Mountain Crater
Goron City
Twilight Princess:
Goron Mines
Theme Music
File:Death Mountain OST.ogg (TP)

Death Mountain is a tall mountain located in Hyrule, the Dark World, and Lorule that has been featured in several Zelda games. Its Hyrule version is typically portrayed as volcanic.


Appearances and Features

The Legend of Zelda

In The Legend of Zelda, Death Mountain is both the name of the final dungeon and the region located in northern Hyrule, a large sprawling expanse of rock covering the northern border of the map. The mountain range is usually home to some of the more stronger enemies in the game, such as Lynels, who are said to be the guardians of the mountain. Occasionally Rocks will also fall from the hills and the mountains also have a few streams and ponds that are home to Zoras.

Death Mountain also has two distinctive landmarks. The first being Lost Hills, a mountainous counterpart of the maze-like Lost Woods. Beyond this maze is the fifth dungeon Lizard in the first quest. The mountain also has Spectacle Rock, in which Ganon keeps his hideout, simply referred to as Death Mountain.

Main article: Death Mountain (Dungeon)

Death Mountain is a huge labyrinth found underneath the mountain itself. It is one of the largest dungeons in the series and is filled with lava pools and a large number of deadly enemies such as Lanmola and Wizzrobes. It is also where the Silver Arrows are found, and where Ganon makes his final stand. Princess Zelda is held captive deep in the dungeon.

The Adventure of Link

In The Adventure of Link, the area of Hyrule that was seen in the game's precursor, The Legend of Zelda, can be seen in the deep south of Western Hyrule, although was made considerably smaller due to the new style of Overworld map. This area of Hyrule also includes the Death Mountain region, but greatly expanded in The Adventure of Link. Death Mountain, located south of the Water Town of Saria, is comprised of a dozen or so different tunnels that house many enemies (notably a large number of Daira), several of which lead to dead ends if the wrong paths are taken. A few tunnels also have pools of lava, usually with a bridge suspended above them. Only a few paths lead to the southern region of Hyrule, where Link can find a Hammer hidden in a cave beneath Spectacle Rock, where the original game's final dungeon was located.

Death Mountain in A Link to the Past

A Link to the Past

Death Mountain returns as a huge mountain on the northern border of Hyrule in A Link to the Past. It is home to many Deadrocks and numerous caves filled with Keese and Moldorms among other enemies. At the very peak of the seemingly unclimbable mountain is the inaccessible Tower of Hera, found beyond Spectacle Rock. Without traveling to the Dark World, Link cannot scale this peak to reach the dungeon and the final Pendant. Here the young hero will also meet the Lost Old Man and is able to start the game after saving from his hideout in the Mountain Cave. The mountain is covered with numerous glimmering crystals that are seemingly uncovered by constantly tumbling Boulders. In the Japanese game, the mountain is only named Death Mountain in the Dark World. In the Light World, it is known as ヘブラ山 (Mount Hebra), although it is seemingly considered the same location under a different name.

Its Dark World counterpart is home to Turtle Rock and Ganon's Tower, found where the Tower of Hera is in the Light World. The Dark World counterpart is volcanic, with rocks constantly dripping with magma. It has very few inhabitants, but as with the original game, Ganon's Tower itself is guarded by dangerous Lynels. The magical Cane of Byrna can be found hidden in the caves here.

Ocarina of Time

The Death Mountain Trail

In Ocarina of Time, Death Mountain is home to the Gorons, a peaceful race of people who eat rocks and are exceptionally good at forging blades,[1] and, among them, Biggoron who lives on the mountain itself. It can only be reached via a gate in Kakariko Village, but anyone wishing to travel up to Death Mountain will need the King's permission.[2] It is said that the state of the mountain is reflected by the clouds surrounding the peak: if they look normal, then Death Mountain is at peace.[3]

Death Mountain Trail

In order to reach the upper part of Death Mountain and the Goron City itself, Link must travel through the Death Mountain Trail, which proves to be a challenge due to its abundance of Tektites and giant boulders. However, the path to the Death Mountain Trail is initially closed off and will not open until Link shows Zelda's Letter to the knight guarding the gate.[4][5]

Death Mountain Trail takes Link to all of the prominent locations of Death Mountain. It is home to Dodongo's Cavern, where young Link faces the giant King Dodongo, eventually receiving the Goron's Ruby in the process. By scaling up the trail, the young hero can arrive to the home of the Gorons. Death Mountain Crater, the inner part of the volcano of Death Mountain and the location of the Fire Temple, can be accessible either via the Goron City or by climbing up the mountain through the Death Mountain Trail.

Atop the mountain trail is a Great Fairy Fountain where the Great Fairy of Power living within will grant Link the Magic Meter and the Magic Spin Attack.[6] Another Great Fairy Fountain is found inside the crater, which doubles the young hero's magic meter.

During young Link's time, Death Mountain is an active volcano.[7] Any time the young hero approaches the northernmost part of the mountain in an attempt to climb it up to the crater, the volcano will activate itself. As such, Link must equip himself with a proper shield in order to safely climb it. Biggoron, the giant Goron involved in the Biggoron's Sword sidequest, resides behind the mountain next to the crater entrance, although since he is always rolled up, Link cannot see him until he approaches him. Kaepora Gaebora can also be found top the highest point of the trail near the Great Fairy Fountain entrance. He will offer to give Link a ride down to Kakariko Village.[8]

After Link withdraws the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time, Ganondorf revives the ancient dragon Volvagia and stirs up trouble at the depths of the crater, causing Death Mountain's white clouds to turn into red, fiery ones.[9] It isn't until Link defeats Volvagia that Death Mountain returns to normal and the volcano stops its spontaneous eruptions, allowing the young hero to safely scale up the mountain.

Four Swords

Main article: Death Mountain (Four Swords)

Death Mountain appears in the Four Swords as one of the four initial stages. By clearing the stage and defeating the boss, the Links receives a Great Key from a Great Fairy. The key received depends on how many Rupees were collected.

The boss of Death Mountain is a flame monster called Gouen, and the symbol is the Fire Element.

Four Swords Adventures

Death Mountain appears as an area of Hyrule and as the third Level in Four Swords Adventures. It consists of three Stages: Death Mountain Foothills, The Mountain Path, and Tower of Flames.

Twilight Princess

Death Mountain in Twilight Princess

Death Mountain is featured once again in Twilight Princess, and is still home to the Goron tribe. Due to its volcanic nature, the mountain also boasts a number of geological curiosities, like powerful steam jets, and even mineral-rich Hot Springs. While the mountain is not quite as active as it was during child Link's climb in Ocarina of Time, Death Mountain experiences frequent eruptions early on in the game due to events related to the Twilight.

Sticking to the Gorons' reputation as skilled metal smiths, metal structures have been erected around the face of the mountain to provide access to areas which are otherwise unreachable, and the Gorons themselves can give each other (and Link) a leg-up unscalable surfaces. The Gorons also have a mine inside the volcanic interior of the mountain, where materials are mined and transported with the assistance of impressive magnetic cranes. The mine is also home to a number of familiar monsters, like Torch Slugs and Dodongos.

When Link first tries to climb up Death Mountain, the Gorons will attack him upon sight due to an order from the Goron Elder, Gor Coron.[10] To be able to successfully get through the mountain, the young hero must use the Iron Boots to avoid becoming knocked down by the Gorons' roll attack and thus be able to stop them on their tracks. Link will eventually reach the main area of Death Mountain but will be greeted by a giant, falling rock from the mountain's volcano. After successfully evading the Gorons and using them to launch himself higher up into the mountains, the young hero enters the Gorons' dwelling, where he is informed by Gor Coron that he will not allow Link to enter the Goron Mines, which are sacred to the Gorons, unless he beats him in a match of Sumo.[11] Successfully defeating the Goron Elder will allow Link to enter the mines and obtain the second Fused Shadow, saving Darbus and obtaining the Gorons' respect along the way.

A Link Between Worlds

Link scaling Death Mountain in A Link Between Worlds

The incarnation of Death Mountain in A Link to the Past's Hyrule returns with some modifications in A Link Between Worlds. The volcano upon Death Mountain, Spectacle Rock, is active, which causes boulders to fall across the lower areas of the mountain. Spectacle Rock was moved to a different spot near the Tower of Hera. The Dark World is not present in A Link Between Worlds, so going through it is not necessary to reach the Tower of Hera. The cave system on the eastern side of Death Mountain is complex, containing several moving platforms that Link must fall on in order to reach the exits. One of the exits leads to Rosso's Ore Mine, which contains a portal to Lorule.

Lorule has its own Death Mountain that is not an active volcano. It is covered in perpetual snow, and many of the enemies have adapted ice-themed powers. The cave system of Lorule's Death Mountain contains similar jumping puzzles in the eastern section. This version is split in half, with one half containing the Treacherous Tower (located where the Tower of Hera would be in Hyrule), and the other half containing the Ice Ruins (located where Turtle Rock was in the Dark World in A Link to the Past).

Other Appearances

Ambiguously Canon Content hide
The Death Mountain stage of Link's Crossbow Training

Link's Crossbow Training

Death Mountain appears in Stage 2 of Link's Crossbow Training as the Goron Target Practice. The central area of the Goron's lair is the first two screens of the stage. Gorons will stand in various formations, roll in place, then spring up with either regular, gold, or false targets. The screen changes every 20 seconds, all with different formations of Gorons.

Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

In Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, a mountain called Mount Desma appears. This might be just a new name for Death Mountain, as it is written that Mount Desma is "the Mountain of Death" in one of the Yamatami tribe's ancient books. Comparison of the Japanese names further suggests this. "Yama" is the Japanese word for "mountain," whereas "Desuma" differs only one Japanese letter from "Desu," or death.

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A Link to the Past comic

Death Mountain in the A Link to the Past comic

In the A Link to the Past comic, Death Mountain is on the borders of the Desert of Mystery, unlike in the game, where Death Mountain is far north and the desert is to the south-west.

While in the Desert of Mystery, Link is guided by Sahasrahla's telepathy to Death Mountain.[12] Link arrives to the mountain and stumbles upon a portal, which activates itself and shows a vision of two people standing with his uncle.[13] Believing them to be his parents,[14] Link reaches for his mother's hand when she extends hers out to the young hero, but Link's hand turns into a claw when it passes the portal's boundary. Sahasrahla warns that the power of the Dark World turns the inhabitants into a reflection of their heart, and Link's hatred of Agahnim, although justifiable, would turn him into a beast if he were to enter.[15] Shortly afterward, Zelda appears to Link and explains that they are in a dream, for if two people dream the same thing, they will meet.[16] After waking up from the dream, Link finds himself standing in front of the Tower of Hera, where he eventually retrieves the Pendant of Wisdom from Moldorm.

Hyrule Warriors

Main article: Death Mountain (Hyrule Warriors)

Death Mountain is featured as a stage in Hyrule Warriors as part of Impa and Sheik's quest. Here, they must fight against the Gorons and their chieftain, Darunia, who is being controlled by Cia's Dark Forces.


  • In Majora's Mask, Woodfall Temple is housed inside a dormant volcano filled with water. Some assume this mountain to be Termina's counterpart of Death Mountain.
  • Also in Majora's Mask, Woodfall, from the outside, looks incredibly similar to the Death Mountain of Ocarina of Time, down to the ring of smoke surrounding the top.
  • Many fans believe that Death Mountain appears in The Wind Waker, as Dragon Roost Island.
  • The music of Death Mountain in Twilight Princess is a mix of a new drum beat and that of the original music from Goron City in Ocarina of Time.
  • Many fans believe that Eldin Volcano, which appears in Skyward Sword, later becomes Death Mountain.



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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan デスマウンテン (Desu Maunten)
ヘブラ山 (Hebura Yama) (ALttP, ALBW) Triforce piece.png
Death Mountain
Mount Hebra
Spanish Spanish-speaking countries Montaña de la Muerte Mountain of Death
French France Montagne de la Mort
Mont du Péril (OoT)
Mont Hébra (ALBW)
Mountain of Death
Mount of Peril
Mount Hebra
Canada Mont de la Mort Mount of Death
German Germany Todesberg Death Mountain
Italian Italy Monte Morte

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