Castle Graveyard

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Castle Graveyard
Castle Graveyard 2.jpg
The Castle Graveyard as seen in-game
Game(s) Twilight Princess
Inhabitant(s) Stalfos
Item(s) Small Key
Related place(s) Hyrule Castle

The Castle Graveyard is a location in Twilight Princess.



The graveyard is situated in the eastern section of Hyrule Castle, with its entrance only being accessible by digging in a certain spot near a Triforce symbol on the ground where the small windmills are. Although at first it seems to be a calm area, it is actually infested with Stalfos and Stalkins. The Castle Graveyard is an optional location of the Hyrule Castle dungeon, since the only item received here is a Small Key that allows Link to enter a door in the last floor of the castle containing ammunition such as bombs and arrows. The most notable landmark in the graveyard is a tombstone remarking that a "cursed sworsdman" rests beneath a "sacred tree."[1]

When Link uses his wolf senses near a tree in the middle of the graveyard, he will see several ghosts pointing down to a section on the ground. Bombing that section will reveal a switch, which will open a gate nearby housing various Rupees, and lighting the torch nearby will cause the rain to stop momentarily. This will give Link a chance to run over to the west gate and light two more torches to open another gate where two Owl Statues are located. The young hero must guide these statues to two small holes in the western wall using the Dominion Rod, allowing him to jump across the statues to the opposite end and reach a lever. Pulling the lever will bring up the gate containing a treasure chest with the Small Key in it.



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One particular grave in the Hyrule Castle Graveyard lies under a tree. If Link inspects one of the larger tombstones nearby, it reads, "The cursed swordsman... sleeps before... the sacred tree." The "cursed swordsman" may very well be the Hero of Time due to the fact that he sleeps under a "sacred" tree (reminiscent of the Great Deku Tree). If this is the case, then the statement on the tombstone may slightly allude to the demise of The Hero of Time - that which was not a good one. The term "cursed" may refer to Demise's curse on Link that repeatedly reincarnates him again and again to rise up against the evil that threatens Hyrule. It may also refer to Link's curse of transforming into a wolf. This may further reveal the identity of the Hero's Spirit, who is assumed to be Link, the Hero of Time. It should be noted that this particular grave is covered with a stone that Link must destroy in order to step on a switch to open the gate that contains two owl statues so that he can further his quest in this area. If such a grave is tied to such an important aspect (the owl statues - which may or may not be reminiscent of Kaepora Gaebora) then this would further fortify the connection to Link from Ocarina of Time. It could also allude to the Stalfos nearby.

In the Spanish version of Twilight Princess, the sword itself is said to be cursed instead of the swordsman.[2]



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