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Game(s)Link's Awakening
Effective WeaponsSword

The Bombite is a mechanized bomb with limited sentience found in the bowels of dungeons in Link's Awakening. They prowl around the room according to their programming, seeking out any would-be heroes within their domain.

There are, in fact, two distinct varieties of Bombite with different attack patterns. The first model (colored red, see right) will simply bounce away when struck with something such as a sword, accelerating in speed and randomly ricocheting off walls and objects until it explodes. This type of Bombite can also be harmlessly detonated using Magic Powder. The second model is much more efficient. These green Bombites will start a countdown timer when hit, stalking the intruder until the timer reaches 0, and it explodes. It is best for adventurers to strike this Bombite model away right before it hits 0, making it self-destruct away from them.

Considering the recurring themes from the Mario series of games in Link's Awakening, the Bombite is most likely a reference to the Bob-ombs. Bombites may have served as a prototype for the actual Bob-omb enemies appearing in Minish Cap.

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Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan ボマー (Bomū) Bombū
French France Bombite