Ballad of the Wind Fish

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Ballad of the Wind Fish redirects here. For the fan 3D remake of Link's Awakening, see here.

Ballad of the Wind Fish
Link playing the Ballad of the Wind Fish before the Wind Fish's Egg
Game(s) Link's Awakening
Majora's Mask
Instrument(s) Ocarina
Note(s) See below
Power(s) Awakens the Wind Fish
Learned in Mabe Village, Animal Village
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The "Ballad of the Wind Fish" is a recurring song in the Zelda series that is played on an Ocarina. It first debuted in Link's Awakening where the song played a major role in the entire game. It later reappeared in Majora's Mask, although the song is vastly different in this appearance.



Link's Awakening

Quote1.png Please, don't ever forget this song...or me... Quote2.png
— Marin

The Ballad of the Wind Fish in Link's Awakening is also known as "the song of awakening", for it has the ability to awaken sleeping people. A girl named Marin who lives in Mabe Village of Koholint Island can be seen in the village's square, singing this song. Any NPCs within the screen would be near hypnotized when Marin sings this. Later on when Link obtains an Ocarina, Marin will teach him how to play the Ballad of the Wind Fish, which is used only to open the Wind Fish's Egg after acquiring all eight Eight Instruments of the Sirens. Marin's song will also come in handy when Link discovers a walrus blocking the only entrance to Yarna Desert, Marin would tag along to sing The Ballad of the Wind Fish to the walrus to awaken him. It is later revealed that Koholint Island is just a dream world dreamed by the Wind Fish, and by awakening him would make the isle disappear. After defeating the final boss, Link plays the Ballad of the Wind Fish for the final time to awaken the Wind Fish and the island disappears.

Link can also play the song in front of the Wind Fish's Egg even without all the instruments, but it will play with just the instruments that he currently has and nothing will happen after the song is played.

The Ballad of the Wind Fish plays a very major role in Link's Awakening, and can be heard multiple times on certain occasions. In the opening intro of Link sailing before he got shipwrecked, some notes of this song can be heard playing in the background, and again when Marin discovers Link unconscious on Toronbo Shores. The game over screen uses this song theme and whenever Link acquires an Instrument, it would play the beginning notes of this song. A quieter theme of the Ballad of the Wind Fish is also used as the background music for Southern Face Shrine. The song also plays when Link awakens back in the real world's ocean, and some notes of this song can be heard during the credits. Finally, this song also plays during the secret ending.

Majora's Mask

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In Majora's Mask, the Ballad of the Wind Fish is a popular song played by The Indigo-Go's.[1] This song is vastly different from its appearance in Link's Awakening; it is actually the "Sea Lily's Bell" theme from Link's Awakening, with the third note shifted to accommodate the Ocarina of Time's note range.

This song takes on a much minor role in the game. Toto, the band manager for the Indigo-Go's, sits in the Milk Bar for most of the game, and takes advantage of Link's presence by having him play the song in each of his various forms in the absence of the Indigo-Go's, just to "see what it would have been like" had the show not been canceled.[2] Gorman, who sits in the Milk Bar as well, becomes nostalgic upon hearing the song and, as thanks for playing the song, rewards Link with the Circus Leader's Mask.


Each part of the song is played by one of Link's forms, who must stand under a specific spotlight on the stage. Link plays in the center,[3] while Deku Link plays front-left,[4] Goron Link plays rear-left,[5] and Zora Link plays right.[6] Each portion is "saved" after it is played and repeated simultaneously with all parts completed to that point, ending with the complete song.

Link's Notes
Ocarina up.png Ocarina right.png Ocarina left.png Ocarina right.png

Deku Link's Notes Ocarina right.png Ocarina A.png Ocarina down.png Ocarina left.png Ocarina right.png

Goron Link's Notes Ocarina A.png Ocarina A.png Ocarina A.png Ocarina down.png Ocarina A.png Ocarina A.png Ocarina A.png Ocarina right.png

Zora Link's Notes
Ocarina up.png Ocarina right.png Ocarina down.png Ocarina A.png Ocarina up.png Ocarina left.png Ocarina right.png Ocarina down.png




  • The song was also remixed for Super Smash Bros. Brawl but was later dropped, and is now considered one of the game's "Lost Tracks".[7]
  • Although Marin (and other characters) refer to the song as the "Ballad of the Wind Fish," both the Owl and the Wind Fish himself refer to it as the "Song of Awakening."[8][9]


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