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Other MediaZelda's Adventure
Habitat(s)Bridges, Water, Lava, Great PalaceTriforce piece.png
Attacks(s)Rocks, Fireballs
Effective WeaponsMagical Sword
Sword Beam
EXP Points3

Bago-Bago are leaping skeletal fish found in water and lava in The Adventure of Link.

Characteristics and Weaknesses


Bago-Bago hide in the rivers beneath bridges until they have found suitable victims to attack. They swoop out of the water at incredible speeds, and after landing, move along the ground and attempt to swarm their target. They will shoot rocks at Link from their mouths, much like an Octorok, and will even fire them when leaping. As they appear on bridges, they are especially dangerous as they are likely to knock Link into the water or lava below, causing him to lose a Life. Like other certain enemies in The Adventure of Link, they sap experience points on contact.

In the Great Palace, a fire-spitting red variety of Bago-Bago will also attack Link across various bridges. Link must use the Reflect magic to stop these shots.


  • Bago-Bago behave very similar to Cheep-Cheep from the Mario series. Their name is likely a reference to these enemies.
  • Bago-Bago are also similar in appearance to the Skullfish and Desbreko.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Japanese Japan バゴバゴ (Bagobago)