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TitleTwilit Arachnid
Game(s)Twilight Princess
Dungeon(s)Temple of Time
Dominion Rod
Reward(s)Heart Container
Mirror Shard
Theme MusicFile:Armogohma.ogg
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Twilit Arachnid: Armogohma is the boss of the Temple of Time, Twilight Princess' sixth dungeon. Armogohma is also slightly similar to its Ocarina of Time counterpart Queen Gohma at first. In this version, Gohma gives the appearance of a frighteningly huge hunter spider. While its first form can be tricky, its second form is widely considered to be one of the easiest boss fights in the entire series.



File:Armogohma Eye (Back).png
The back of the Armogohma "eye" creature

Armogohma appears to wear some kind of armor on her main body around her eye. This assumption gains strength after the first form of Armogohma is defeated, revealing the "eye" to be a small, independent creature. In addition, the outer shell has a stone-like texture, as well as numerous "engravings" all over it, similar to the other statues throughout the Temple of Time. It is quite possible that the armored outer shell is simply controlled by the eye, and is somehow related to the Armos or Beamos, given the name of the creature and the similarity of the laser beam attack to the Beamos. This version of Gohma is hairy and has eight legs, heavily resembling a huntsman spider or tarantula.


File:Armogohma Eye (Front).png
The front of the Armogohma "eye" creature

When Link enters, he examines one of the four statues. But when the light from above goes out, he turns around and discovers Armogohma, and the battle begins. The creature's single eye can shoot a fiery laser and, to stun it, Link must shoot the eye with an arrow. To further damage her, Link must fire the Dominion Rod at one of the massive statues in the room; doing so allows Link to make the statue swing its fist onto Armogohma's carapace. Armogohma can also lay dozens of eggs, which hatch to reveal small spider-like enemies, known as Baby Gohma. After three hits by the statues, Armogohma's body implodes. Armogohma's eyeball reveals itself to be a small spider on its own, and tries to escape along with some of its spawn, after its large body is destroyed. It is killed after a single Sword strike, three arrow shots, a single bomb arrow, or two Spinner attacks, and releases the third shard of the Mirror of Twilight.

If one of the Dominion Rod-controlled statues is employed in smashing Armoghoma's eye, a brief and humorous sequence takes place in which the entire cluster of spiders is crushed instantly and Armoghoma's eye is smashed paper-thin. The battle concludes with Link and Midna acquiring the third Mirror Shard and a Heart Container.


Armogohma's name is a portmanteau of "Armos" (as in Armos Statue), and Gohma.


  • Armogohma's eye is similar to Arrghus and Vitreous from A Link to the Past; she uses Arrghus' pattern of surrounding herself with her offspring to defend herself, while her eye resembles Vitreous minus the lightning bolt attack.
  • Originally, a more conventional form of Gohma was set to appear in Twilight Princess, but was scrapped for Armogohma.[citation needed]
  • Armogohma's intro is a callback to Queen Gohma's intro from Ocarina of Time. The battle is initiated after Link looks upward to see Armogohma's eye moving around.
  • The chorus that plays during Armoghoma's first phase resembles certain sounds heard in the battle against Puppet Ganon's second form, which also resembles a spider.
  • Armogohma is the only boss whose Critical Point does not involve Link slashing away at the boss' with his sword. The fanfare familiar to every previous Critical Point plays as Armogohma lands before the anthropomorphic statues, ready to be pummeled at the shot of the Dominion Rod.
  • In the Zelda HD Experience, a Wii U tech demo at E3 2011, shows Link fighting against an Armogohma in a HD environment very reminiscent of the Temple of Time.


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Armogohma Battle

Forest minish.png Names in Other Regions Jabber Nut MC.gif
Language Name Meaning
Japanese Japan 覚醒甲殻眼 シェルドゴーマ (Kakusei Koukaku Gan Sherudo Gōma) Awoken Shell Eye: Shelled Gohma
Spanish Spain Armogohma, Arácnido de las Sombras Armogohma, Arachnid of the Shadows
French France Golgohma, arachnide siliceux du Crépuscule Golgohma, Siliceous Arachnid of Twilight
German Germany Spinnenstatue Armogohma
Italian Italy Armagohma, l'aracnide del crepuscolo
Korean South Korea 각성갑각충 셸드고마 (Gakseong Gapgakchung Sheldeugoma) Awakened Crustacean Insect: Shelled Gohma

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