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Dr. Troy, the animal expert from Oracle of Ages

Animals are recurrent creatures in The Legend of Zelda series, which are mostly not violent unless provoked.


LA - Sale.png
Schule Donavitch.gif
Main articles: Sale and Schule Donavitch

Sale and Schule Donavitch are brother alligators appearing in Link's Awakening, one residing on the coast and the other in Animal Village.


Mad Batter (Link's Awakening).gif
Main article: Mad Batter

The Mad Batter is a bat-like creature who halves Link's Magic Meter in A Link to the Past and increases Link's inventory in Link's Awakening.


Moosh Sprite.png
Main article: Moosh

Chef Bear is one of the residents of Animal Village on Koholint Island in Link's Awakening.

Moosh is one of three animal companions that Link can find in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.


Big Brother.png
Little Brother.png
Main article: Beaver Brothers

In Majora's Mask, Link will have to race the Beaver Brothers at Waterfall Rapids separately in order to obtain a bottle. These creatures consider empty bottles to be very valuable items and won't give them up so easily.


Main article: Bird

Birds appear in a number of Zelda games, with roles varying from game to game. Notable species in the series are Duck, Hawk, Owl, and Seagull. Among the most famous birds in the series are the Flute Boy's Bird from A Link to the Past, the mysterious Owl from Link's Awakening, Kaepora Gaebora from Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Four Swords Adventures, Zeffa from The Minish Cap, and Purdy, Plumm, and Trill from Twilight Princess. In Skyward Sword, large birds known as Loftwings act as the main method of transportation for the residents of Skyloft. Each resident of the floating isle owns their own bird.

In Spirit Tracks, Link can play the "Song of Birds" to summon birds. Link can then use his Snake Whip to latch onto their tails and be carried by the birds.


Boars appear in the fields of the Great Plateau in Breath of the Wild.


TP Bullbo.png
Main article: Bullbo

Bullbos are the boar-like creatures that are frequently used as mounts by Bulblins in Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks.


Main article: Cat

In Oracle of Seasons, there's a cat called Mittens who is an important part of the Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence. Link lures her down from a tree with the Fish.

The cats play a more violent role in The Minish Cap. When Link is in his Minish state, some cats will crouch and stare if he goes by, and some swipe and pounce at him.

In Twilight Princess, cats are found throughout Castle Town and the Hidden Village. Cats in the Hidden Village will play a game with Wolf Link that involves him talking to every cat in the village. There are several other important kitties, such as Telma's cat, Louise, who guides Wolf Link through Telma's Bar and further helps him in his quest.

Chain Chomp

Main article: Chain Chomp

Chain Chomps, originally from the Mario series, are animals with dog-like behavior. In Link's Awakening, Madame MeowMeow keeps three of them as pets, one of which is named BowWow. Chain Chomps appear as enemies and even as an item in other titles.


MM Cow.png
Main article: Cow

Cows appear in Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and The Minish Cap as a primary source of milk. They are kept in the land's various farms. A few cows seem to strangely possess the ability to talk. In Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, playing Epona's Song will cause them to gift Link with a bottle of fresh milk. In Majora's Mask, They try to kidnap the cows and Link can try to prevent this from happening.


Crab Figurine.png
Main article: Crab

In The Wind Waker, crabs are small creatures found near the water at islands across the Great Sea, usually on sand but sometimes on grass. They disappear into the ground if anyone gets too close, but they will eventually return to the surface once the threat is gone.

Sand Crabs also appear as enemies in A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages, and Oracle of Seasons. They are very rare creatures that often roam the watery areas of Hyrule in A Link to the Past. In Link's Awakening, these creatures live on the beaches of Koholint Island. In Oracle of Ages, Crabs are found on Crescent Island, in the Southeast Corner of Labrynna. They are attracted to the Scent Seed. They typically appear in groups of two or more in small places of the beach, where there is not much room to navigate around them, causing Link to take some damage if he tries to pass by them. In Oracle of Seasons, Crabs are found on the Western Coast, near Horon Village.


Cranes appear in Breath of the Wild


MM Cucco.png
Main article: Cucco

Cuccos are chicken-like fowl appearing in various games in the series. They are well known for their tendency to attack Link if he tries to harm them. In Twilight Princess, after receiving a certain amount of hits, Link will be able to control them for a limited time. Another use of Cuccos is to float from ledge to ledge if Link holds them above his head and leaps from a high place, allowing him to access hidden areas in some games. Cucco chicks appear in Majora's Mask and The Minish Cap. In the former game, they will mature into adult Cuccos with use of the Bremen Mask. In The Minish Cap, Link is able to fuse Kinstones with a chick found atop Swiftblade's dojo.


Deers appear in Breath of the Wild.


MM Dog.png
Main article: Dog

Dogs appear in Hyrule Town, either as pets or as strays in Ocarina of Time, The Minish Cap, Twilight Princess.

LA - Mutt.png

In The Minish Cap, Link can fuse Kinstone Pieces with them when he is Minish Link, and they will give him friendly advice. Dogs such as Mutts have also appear in Link's Awakening and the Oracle Series.

In Majora's Mask, Link can watch and bet on dog races Doggy Racetrack. Dogs also appear in various places with their owners, such as a Skulltula House and Romani Ramch. Link can speak to dogs using the Mask of Truth, and they will tell him useful information.


ST Dolphin.png

When driving over water in the Ocean Realm in Spirit Tracks, Link will be accompanied by a trio of golden dolphins. Blowing the train whistle will cause them to leap out of the water. After blowing the whistle three time, all three dolphins will leap at once and provide the train with a single Heart. If Link stops the train, the Dolphins will tail-walk.


Ducks appear in the waters in Breath of the Wild.


MM3D Fish Icon.png
Main article: Fish

Fish were introduced in A Link to the Past. They often appear in fishing minigames, such as the Fishing Hole (or Fishing Pond) appearing in Link's Awakening, Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess. They can be contained in bottles. In Ocarina of Time, a bottled fish serves as a treat to Lord Jabu-Jabu, granting Link passage to Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly. They have served a multitude of different uses throughout the Zelda series.

Fish have appeared in A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Oracle of Seasons, Twilight Princess, and Phantom Hourglass.


Artwork of the Five Fabulous Frogs from Ocarina of Time
Main article: Frog

Frogs are often encountered singing as part of a choir. Met first in Link's Awakening, there is a frog choir lead by Mamu that teaches Link the Frog's Song of Soul and a frog troupe inside Richard's Villa.

In the same vein, five of these creatures form the singing group called the Five Fabulous Frogs in the Zora's River in Ocarina of Time, and yet another five form the Don Gero's Frog Choir in the mountains of Termina in Majora's Mask.

In Twilight Princess, there are normal frogs in Ordon Village that Link can speak to while in wolf form.

In Phantom Hourglass, Golden Frogs will show Link a symbol when he hits them with a shot from the cannon. The symbol can be drawn onto the Cyclone Slate to warp to the location the symbol was learned.


Ordon Link.png
Main article: Christine

Christine is a goat who resides in Animal Village in Link's Awakening. During the game's trading sequence, Christine will give Link a letter that can be delivered to Mr. Write, at which time it is revealed that the letter is apparently a love letter, and that Christine has enclosed a photograph of Princess Peach from the Mario series.

Main article: Ordon Goat

The Ordon Goat is a species of goat specific to Ordona Province in Twilight Princess.


Hawks appear in Breath of the Wild.


Hippo Model.png
Main article: Hippo Model

A female hippo appears in Link's Awakening doing modeling for a painting by Schule Donavitch.


MM Epona Model.png
Normal Horse.png
Main article: Horse

Many horses appear in the Zelda series. Their first appearence was in Ocarina of Time, found at Lon Lon Ranch and at the Gerudo's Horseback Archery Range. Notable horses include Ganondorf's horse and Epona, Link's horse.

Epona has appeared in several games, usually as Link's main form of transportation. Link's horse has been in the following games: Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, The Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventures, The Minish Cap, and Twilight Princess.

In the Valiant Comics, Storm is a large, white horse that belongs to Princess Zelda.

Several horses appear in Breath of the Wild, including Epona herself. Link can sneak up on wild horses to jump on their backs, tame and ride them.



Main article: Bee
Deku Hornet (Skyward Sword).png

Bees are usually found buzzing in their hives in many games including Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. Bees, or Deku Hornets in Skyward Sword, will only attack Link if he gets too close to their hive/nest or if it is hit by a projectile. In this case a swarm of bees will chase Link around and sting him for a certain amount of time, until he jumps in a body of water or until Link successfully kills or catches them. Bee Larvae is also used as Bait for fishing in Twilight Princess and as Treasure in Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword.


Main article: Bug
MM3D Bug Icon.png

Generic bugs appear in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Found under small rocks or purchased at the Medicine Shop, they can be stored in bottles. These bugs are useful for uncovering Gold Skulltulas in soft soil. These bugs also highly resemble Tektites.


Joy Butterfly.gif
Blessed Butterfly (Skyward Sword).png

Butterflies first appear in Link's Awakening. If one butterfly touches a Deku Stick in Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask, it will turn into a either a fairy or a bomb.

The Joy Butterflies are blue butterflies that appear as a result of certain Kinstone Fusions in The Minish Cap. When Link catches a Joy Butterfly, it will increase one of his capacity.

Butterflies also appear in Oracle of Seasons, and Twilight Princess, although Link cannot interact with them.

In Skyward Sword, Link can catch Blessed Buterflies with his bug net to either upgrade potions or sell them to Strich at the price of 5 Rupees.

In Hyrule Warriors, the Goddess Butterfly is used by Agitha and Lana in the Twilight Field stage to navigate through the Twilight Realm.


Restless Crickets appear in Breath of the Wild.


Gerudo Dragonfly (Skyward Sword).png
There are many dragonflies in the Fishing Hole in Twilight Princess. They provide an increased sense of realism as well as add ambiance. Golden dragonflies also appear in Zora's Domain. In Skyward Sword, collectible Gerudo Dragonflies are found in Lanayru Desert. Their names are likely a reference to Gerudo Desert.


Main article: Forest Firefly

The Forest Firefly makes its habitat in the Forest Haven in The Wind Waker. It can be caught in an Empty Bottle, and used to alter a Picto Box into a Deluxe Picto Box.

Starry Fireflies can be caught in Skyward Sword at night or in dark places using the Bug Net. They can be sold to Strich on various nights for 30 Rupees.

Golden Bug

Main article: Golden Bug
Stag Beetle (M).png

Golden Bugs are introduced in Twilight Princess as a sidequest. In Castle Town, Link meets a young girl named Agitha who sends Link on a quest to collect 24 golden bugs; 12 females (which are pink) and 12 males (which are green). Link receives the Big Wallet for the first bug he gives to Agitha and is rewarded with the Giant's Wallet, capable of carrying 1000 Rupees, for collecting all 24. Link also receives 50 Rupees for each bug, and 100 for a pair.


Main article: Moth
OoA Moths.png

Moths are enemies in Majora's Mask. They are attracted to flame and will attack Link if he is holding a flaming Deku Stick. They can be killed with Bombs or the Blast Mask. Odolwa also will summon them during his battle with Link.


OoX Ricky.png

Ricky is a boxing kangaroo and one of three animal companions that Link can get in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. He can jump up cliffs and over single holes, and is able to unleash a Tornado Punch.


Main article: Keaton

Keatons are yellow foxes with 3 tails that appear in Majora's Mask when Link have the Keaton Mask on and cut some Moving Grass. They have yellow fur and three tails with black fur on the end of each tail, and their eyes are closed. The Keaton will ask Link some questions about things in Majora's Mask, with the reward of a Piece of Heart or 20 Rupees. According to a Keaton, they recognize each other by the sheen of their tails.

In The Minish Cap, Keatons appear as enemies that cause Link to lose some of his Rupees when they charge at him. The orange ones appear mostly in Trilby Highlands, and the blue ones appear in Dark Hyrule Castle.


Hightailed Lizards appear in Breath of the Wild.


Main article: Moink
Moink Large.png

Moinks are pigs with cow spots only found while riding the train in Spirit Tracks. Link must blow the whistle to scare it if it is on the tracks. If the train crashes against it or if Link shoots one, the Moink will turn red and charge him.



A Mole is a character in Ancient Stone Tablets.


MM Monkey Artwork.png
Main article: Monkey

Monkeys were first introduced in A Link to the Past, when in the Dark World a monkey helps Link get into the Palace of Darkness. They make their first 3D appearance in Majora's Mask after not appearing in Ocarina of Time. Although generally mischievous in the Zelda universe, monkeys are often very helpful to Link, and without them he would not be able to move forward in his quest. In Twilight Princess, monkeys have a more prominent role than they have had in previous Zelda games. Monkeys often appear in forested areas and sometimes help Link through dungeons, as is the case in Twilight Princess. A similar scenario arises in Majora's Mask, except they only help Link access the dungeon, Woodfall Temple.

Monkeys have appeared in A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, Majora's Mask, Oracle of Ages, and Twilight Princess.


An anthropomorphic mouse appears as the Photographer in the DX version of Link's Awakening . Also in Link's Awakening, when Link use the phone inside Ulrira's house, it dials the number of someone calling himself the Bucket Mouse. Additionally, mice can be seen inside Crazy Tracy's house.


Pheasants appear in Breath of the Wild.


Link and Pigs.png
Main article: Pig

Pigs appear in The Wind Waker on Windfall Island and Outset Island. They are generally peaceful and struggle in vain when picked up. They come in various colors: pink, black, and pink with black spots. Pigs love to eat, and after consuming the bait you scatter, they might dig into the ground and release some rupees and items. If a pig is attacked too many times, it becomes angered and proceeds to relentlessly retaliate. On Outset Island, Link can find that one of the pigs owned by Abe and Rose has grown immensely and has been named after him.


Main article: Rabbit
Rabbit OOX.png

Rabbits appear in A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, and the Oracle series. In Link's Awakening, several rabbits inhabit the Animal Village.

Rabbits from five different breeds are found in Spirit Tracks. Usually seen hiding behind large boulders, Link can catch them if he has the Rabbit Net, and take them over to Rabbitland Rescue.


Main article: Seagull

Seagulls appear in Majora's Mask, The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks. They tend to flock around or above areas of significance, like above Mikau in Great Bay in Majora's Mask, or where a Big Octo is located in The Wind Waker.


Main article: Seahorse
MM Seahorse.png

Seahorses make their first and only appearance so far in Majora's Mask. To free the Seahorse from the Fisherman at Great Bay, a picture of one of the Gerudo Pirates is required. If Link decides to defeat every one of the Deep Pythons resting at Pinnacle Rock, he will succeed in reuniting the seahorse with its partner and be gifted with a Piece of Heart.



Two snakes appears in Vasu Jewelers in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. These snakes allow Link to transfer his Magic Rings from one game to another. The Red Snake allows him to do so by use of secrets or passwords, the Blue Snake with two Game Boy Colors and a Game Link Cable.


Main article: Squirrel
ALttP Squirrel.gif

Squirrels first appear in A Link to the Past in the Lost Woods, frolicking near the Pedestal of Time. They do nothing more than run across the screen. In the Game Boy Advance release, Link has to catch a Squirrel as a part of the Riddle Quest.

Squirrels reappear in Twilight Princess where they play a minor role and are mostly found in the Ordona Province. At one point, one talks to Link, while he is in his Wolf Form, in front of his house. It tells Link that animals all understand each other.


Granny Tiger.png

Granny, the old woman who runs the Potion Shop in Ocarina of Time, has a pet tiger. Anju's Grandmother in Majora's Mask has an image of a tiger on the backside of her wheelchair.


Mama turtle aLBW.png
Main article: Turtle

The Turtle is a very old creature who appears in Majora's Mask. The Turtle seems to spend most of its time asleep disguising itself as a small island in the Great Bay. It watches over the Great Bay and notices every change in the land.

Main article: Mama Turtle

In A Link Between Worlds, Mama Turtle and her babies reside in Lorule Lake. Link must find the babies in order to gain access to Turtle Rock, as he must ride on them to reach the entrance.



A lazy Walrus blocks the entrance to Yarna Desert in Link's Awakening. He will only move for Marin's singing.


The Golden Wolf

The Golden Wolf in Twilight Princess is the animal incarnation of the Hero's Spirit. The wolf is summoned by finding a Howling Stone, in which he confronts Link directly.

In this game, Link is transformed into this Wolf form due to the influence of the ever expanding Twilight covering Hyrule. Wolf Link is the sacred blue-eyed beast that Midna explains the Twili have long believed would free them. Though losing the ability to use items, the new form grants Link heightened senses and speed, the ability to warp to different areas in Hyrule not covered by Twilight, and the ability to use Minda's energy field attack.